Welcome to the Law Firm of Heiko G. Moenckmeier

Orlando Attorney DUI Criminal Family Financial Lawyer

Let me introduce myself

My name is Heiko Moenckmeier (pronounced High-Ko Monk-myer) , I'm German and Japanese and I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.

Personal Philosophy

I believe in getting to the heart of YOUR matter, and believe that if you're calling me, you're calling me to make you feel better. Although I am quite experienced, the only thing that matters is if I can help YOU.

Helping you

Let's face it, if you are calling me, you have a serious life issue that you want and NEED help with, and I am here to help you, either by defending you against the State in a criminal prosecution, you need your drivers license back ASAP, defending you from the low-balling insurance company if you've been injured, creditors are harassing you, or you need a family lawyer for a divorce or child custody issue.

Call me

My phone number is 407-504-1384, and you should call me to see if we are a good fit for each other. My motto is Defending You Like Family, and I believe that Clients and Judges alike respect hustle and heart- I try and get your issues resolved as soon as possible, although the "Wheels of Justice" still turn as slowly as ever.

Areas That I Serve

  • Orange County (Orlando)
  • Osceola County (Kissimmee)
  • Lake County (Tavares and Eustis)
  • Seminole County (Sanford and Lake Mary)
  • Volusia County (Deland and Daytona Beach)
  • Brevard County (Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach)

Benefits of hiring Heiko G. Moenckmeier

  • I understand that you have a lot to lose, and I promise to do my very best to minimize the impact this particular crime will have on the rest of your life.
  • I will be an advocate for you, and protect your rights from being violated during the course of the criminal proceedings.
  • I care not just for you but for you as how it relates to your family. I want your children to be safe and strive to allow you to go back to your everyday life.
  • I don’t want you to miss work for court. By hiring me, I can waive most of your appearances and allow you to go to work instead of sitting at the Courthouse for several hours numerous times. You can use your time however you want, but hopefully wisely!
  • I may be able to get your charges lowered or even dropped completely either before or a jury trial or motion to suppress, discharge, or dismiss.
  • I have years of experience and have strived to be the best attorney I can be, by attending seminars, and networking with other top criminal defense lawyers throughout the State of Florida and beyond, to make sure I’m on the cutting edge of new legal developments and am presenting the best possible defenses for my clients.
  • I have experience- having almost solely practiced criminal defense since 2007… I have handled many different types of crimes, including life offenses such as Sexual Battery on a Minor with a Deadly Weapon, Kidnapping with great bodily harm, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, trafficking in controlled substance, and more.
  • I strive to respect that the most important case to each client is their own. I answer my own phone and return my own emails, and find that responsiveness is one of my traits that my clients love.
  • I will hustle for you. Oftentimes, the difference in several different attorneys is how they execute a plan. If an issue is time sensitive, my goal is to be prepared to launch as soon as possible.
  • I try to be amicable to everyone in the process. My Father told me many a time, you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Although mentally I am aggressive, it would not do any good if I turned every mole hill into a mountain, and was rude to the prosecutor and judge handling your case. This doesn’t mean that I won’t file the motions that need to be filed to get the best for your case, it just means I probably won’t offer to fist fight the prosecutor when I’m in Court for you.
  • I’m born and raised in Orlando, Florida and I understand this town’s issues and idiosyncrasies.
  • Call to speak with me personally at (407) 504-1384 to set up your phone consult or office visit today, for your Orlando Osceola Seminole area criminal charges.

Practice Areas

  • 1st DUI
  • 2nd DUI
  • 3rd DUI
  • DUI with bodily injury or death
  • Felony DUI
  • DUI with property damage
  • DUI with children in the car
  • DUI Refusal

Criminal Defense

  • Aggravated Stalking
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Battery (Misdemeanor)
  • Carrying concealed weapon
  • Carrying concealed firearm
  • Carrying firearm by convicted felon
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • Domestic Violence Battery
  • False Imprisonment
  • Lewd and lascivious
  • Stalking
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Sexual Battery
  • Posession of Cannabis
  • Posession of Cocaine
  • Posession of MDMA
  • Posession of Controlled Substance
  • Posession of Heroin
  • Posession of Oxycodone / Oxycontin
  • Trafficking Marijuana
  • Trafficking Cocaine
  • Trafficking MDMA
  • Trafficking Heroin

Criminal Traffic

  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving while license suspended
  • No valid drivers license
  • Attaching tag not assigned
  • DUI
  • Fixing suspended license

Family Law

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Divorce with children no property
  • Divorce with children and property
  • Military spouse divorce
  • Domestic violence / DV Injunction
  • Injunction against stalking
  • Child Custody /timesharing
  • Child support
  • Modification of final dissolution
  • Modification of child support

Financial Law

  • Bankruptcy
  • Fair Debt Credit Protection Act

Personal Injury

  • Personal Injury