Aggravated Stalking

Aggravated Stalking in Florida

What is Aggravated Stalking?

If you are charged with Florida Statutes 784.048 Aggravated Stalking in Orlando, Osceola County/Kissimmee, Lake Mary/Sanford, or Brevard County you need to know that:

  • it is a Level 7 offense which scores a minimum 22 months in prison right off the bat and
  • is a Third Degree Felony punishable by up to 5 years in a state prison, 5 years on probation and $5000 fine,
  • unless you have been released from prison within the last two years, in which case, the penalties increase, depending on which designation the State Attorney’s office chooses to pursue.

The statutory variations of aggravated stalking include:

  • If there was an Injunction in place against the Defendant,
  • if the Victim is under the age of 16, or
  • if the Defendant was previously convicted of a Sex Offense and was prohibited from contacting the victim.
  • By Credible Threat

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Are there defenses to my Orlando Osceola Seminole Brevard County Aggravated Stalking case


Yes, there are defenses including that the conduct could be Constitutionally protected, or there could be a sole legitimate purpose such as discussing business, child timesharing matters, or legal matters.

The State Attorney has to prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • knowingly,
  • willfully,
  • maliciously,
  • and repeatedly harasses

The standard used is a ‘reasonable person.’ Each term is defined by the case law.

There are certain motions in limine that can be filed if the alleged illegal contact was made via Text Message or Email.

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