Contested Divorce

Orlando Area CONTESTED Divorce


by Orlando Divorce Lawyer Heiko Moenckmeier

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A contested divorce is when there are issues that are disagreed upon, that must be resolved further into the divorce process. It is as simple as that. Who gets the house, who gets the children on Tuesdays, who keeps the motorcycle, how much did the 401K appreciate while the parties were married… The Law is the Law (subject to change and interpretation) and then there are feelings of the two parties, who, let’s be honest, haven’t agreed on too much in quite some time, and oftentimes neither party wants to hear it from their lawyers- they want their day in court!

There are two kinds of divorce. Contested and uncontested. Many times people think they have an uncontested divorce. I think what they think is that they both agree that they’re sick of each other and they both agree a divorce is necessary. However, that is not an uncontested divorce. See Uncontested Divorce.

Contested means that there are issues such as Child Custody, Child Support, Timesharing, Property Division, Alimony, or Asset Division that the parties cannot agree on, and that an offer to settle the case has been offered and rejected either prior to filing or at the time of filing for divorce. Please visit our Guide to the Legal Steps of Divorce.


How long do you want it to be, and can you afford to pay your attorney(s)?

Not really funny, but the average contested divorce can take 6-15 months from start to finish. Oftentimes, the opposing party does not comply in a timely fashion with providing documents, or maybe one party believes the other party is hiding money. The Judge’s trial dockets are also constantly backed up, so a hearing may be two-four months out and a trial might be five-seven months away.

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