Grand Theft


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Are there any defenses to theft? Yes.

Yes, there are many defenses available that may or may not apply to your case. We will evaluate your case for you and look for weaknesses in the State’s case against you. Every case is different but there are always some defenses. Theft accusations are complicated. The State Attorney’s office must prove that the defendant knowingly and illegally obtained property of the alleged victim.

It must also be proven that the defendant did so with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the victim of his or her right to the property or to benefit from it by appropriating the property.

Defenses include abandonment, ownership, the property doesn’t cost as much as they say it did, or no intent to steal (borrowed extra long)

We also look for whether the cops stopped or searched the Accused illegally or if there are grounds to get your confession thrown out. Let us help you. Call today- 407.504.1384 and speak to an attorney that can help you

An Orlando theft conviction can also result in your driver’s license being suspended, could be used against you if you testify in court, can make obtaining meaningful employment or living arrangements to impossible and is an enhanceable offense.

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What are the Punishments for Grand Theft?

Grand Theft in Florida can be a 3rd degree, 2nd degree or 1st degree felony, depending on how much it is alleged a person stole. The minimum threshold is that the value of the property must be at least $300.00 but less than $20,000.00 for a third degree felony, punishable by:

  • up to five years in prison,
  • five years probation and
  • a fine of up to $5,000.00;

the Grand Theft becomes a second degree felony if the property stolen is alleged to be over $20,000.00 and under $100,000.00 punishable by:

  • up to fifteen years in prison and
  • a $10,000.00 fine

If the property stolen is $100,000.00 or more, grand theft first degree felony would be charged, punishable by:

  • up to 30 years prison and/or
  • 30 years probation and
  • a fine up to $10,000.00.

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