Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana

Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana in Orlando, Osceola, Lake Mary, Sanford, Deland, Daytona- Marijuana Attorney Heiko Moenckmeier

Just a little pot… Its not a big deal… is it?

Simple Possession of Marijuana doesn’t seem like a big deal in Orlando, or Kissimmee, or other Central Florida Counties, but it really is! Marijuana charges and convictions are a big deal to employers and prospective employers, as well as property managers in charge of deciding whether or not you get the apartment you really want. Criminal convictions for drugs may also carry licensing issues. And even if being charged with marijuana isn’t a big deal to your employer or teachers, it can still result in being terminated from employment or kicked out of school due to all the time missed by having to go to numerous court appearances!

A conviction for misdemeanor marijuana in Florida is incredibly harsh, as an adjudication of guilt (legalese for ‘conviction’) carries a ONE year driver’s license revocation (lowered from two years by the legislature)

Furthermore, prosecutors will seek to use any prior convictions for any offenses in order to justify harsher sentences such as jail time (they can ask for a year of jail for each count of first degree misdemeanor). A typical scenario is Count 1: Marijuana under 20 grams, Count 2: Possession of Paraphernalia (also a first degree misdemeanor).

People who have previously been convicted or had adjudication withheld for marijuana, paraphernalia, domestic violence, DUI, or other drug charges will be facing an uphill battle against the Government in terms of sentence, so it is important to get an experienced criminal defense attorney like Heiko Moenckmeier on their side.

Should I get a lawyer? How can a lawyer help me?

You know our answer will be YES, you should get a lawyer! Experienced Orlando Marijuana attorney Heiko Moenckmeier can KEEP YOU OUT OF COURT for the most part. He can waive your appearance for most court hearings, and save you time and money, so you can go to work, drop off the kids, go to school or all of the above. Furthermore, your attorney will negotiate on your behalf, and we strive to get you the very best possible outcome- we start with trying to get the case dropped in its entirety, and we will file motions and threaten trial if we cannot get the best outcome for each individual client. We are also experienced in jury trials and bench trials, and will take your case to trial if that is what the client wants, or should do, based on the particular set of facts.

Attorney Moenckmeier firm loves to fight these charges for you- by fighting the charges, you may (most likely) get a better outcome than just walking up to the podium at arraignment and yelling guilty without the advice of a battle-hardened lawyer on your side! One of the worst things someone can do is put their freedom in the hands of a prosecutor and judge at their first court appearance. We have seen many many people get disproportionate sentences due to overzealous prosecutors and harsh judges when they didn’t have an attorney.

Attorney Moenckmeier has fought hundreds of marijuana cases including felony marijuana cases, getting many dismissed, or reduced.

We will need to see all of the facets of your case, and investigate all possible defenses in order to get the best possible outcome. There are many defenses in marijuana cases

Maximum Penalties for a Misdemeanor Marijuana under 20 grams:

  • -up to one year in jail
  • -up to 12 months supervised probation (probation costs monthly are around $30-$50.00 per month)
  • -up to a $1,000.00 dollars in fines! (holy shit that’s a lot of money for less than an ounce of pot)
  • -One year Drivers License Revocation (which is honored in your home state, should you get convicted in Florida but live out of state…)
  • -random urinalysis (random drug tests)
  • -Substance Abuse Evaluation and any Recommended Treatment (this too costs money)
  • -Court Costs
  • -Cost of Prosecution
  • -an Adjudication of Guilt (if this happens your driver’s license will be revoked for a year)
  • -Level I DUI class (!!!! <— yes, if you are adjudicated guilty of an Orlando marijuana offense and you would like your driver’s license back, you must take the Level 1 DUI Class which is twelve hours long and costs about $270.00!)