Municipal Ordinance Violation

Central Florida and Orlando Municipal Ordinance Violation Lawyer

Drinking and Peeing in Public Citations and Arrests Lawyer

Typical Question by Prospective Client: I received a city ordinance violation for urinating next to my car and got taken to jail/ received a ticket, and now I’m not sure what to do?

Attorney Moenckmeier: This is a criminal citation and you can and should hire a lawyer. Please call our office at 407.504.1384 for a free consultation to discuss your options on trying to beat your charge.

Orlando Municipal Ordinance Lawyer, Mr. Moenckmeier has handled numerous municipal and city ordinance violations over the years and has an understanding of how these are prosecuted and how to defend them. (They’re prosecuted by the city attorney, by the way).

A typical Orlando Criminal Municipal Ordinance Violation may vary but carry the same penalties as second degree misdemeanors and are treated as crimes the same as a ‘state court charge,’ essentially a person can go to jail for up to 60 days, spend 6 months on probation, and a fine of up to $500.00.

You may be able to pay a ticket. (Should I pay a municipal ordinance violation ticket? No, not if it’s criminal. How do I know if it’s criminal or not? Call me, I’ll tell you!) However, this is essentially paying for a criminal conviction on your record, as paying it is the same as pleading guilty or no contest. Paying one of these tickets will leave you with a criminal record, and this can also be used to violate your probation, should you happen to be on probation.

  • Examples of common Orlando Ordinance Violations:
  • Urinating/Defecating in Public: speaks for itself, but goodness, who wants this on their record? Nobody, that’s who.
  • Possession of Alcohol by a Minor: usually handed out as a citation, but it’s still a 2nd degree misdemeanor, punishable by jail, and or fines.

    A little more about Possession of Alcohol by a Minor in Orlando and the surrounding cities… Possession of alcohol is only required, you don’t have to be caught drinking it. Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (Person under 21) is also an enhanceable offense, and comes with a Drivers License Suspension of No Less Than Six Months to not more than One Year! That’s right, getting convicted, even if you’re nowhere near a car, and you get your driver’s license suspended. If you get convicted a second time, the penalty now becomes up to a year in jail, and up to a TWO YEAR DRIVER’S LICENSE SUSPENSION!

  • Open Container: Certain ordinances prohibit having an open container on the streets of Orlando, and of course the streets of other cities.
  • Trespass: When you’re asked to leave and you supposedly don’t, the officers can issue a citation.
  • Consuming Alcohol adjacent to an alcoholic beverage Establishment