No Valid License



Have you received a No Valid Driver’s License criminal charge in Central Florida? You should speak with an experienced No Valid Driver’s License Lawyer now. Please call our office at 407.504.1384 to speak with attorney Heiko Moenckmeier, and he will flesh out YOUR defenses. If you are eligible for a Florida driver’s license, he may be able to help you get your license reinstated.

Driving on an Expired License over 6 months (same as No Valid Driver’s License) is one of the most common criminal traffic offense in Orange County Florida with 5,214 citations issued in 2014. It is possible that your license is suspended and the officer cut you a break because you were nice to them.

Can I go to jail for this?

Yes. A No Valid Driver’s License / Expired Driver’s License charge is classified as a second degree misdemeanor, with penalties of up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. People with a bad driving record are definitely at risk to go to jail in Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford or Deltona, even for such a seemingly minor offense.

Although the majority of cases will not result in a jail penalty, jail is a possibility. Other times, this charge can result in a much more serious Violation of Probation for whatever the person was previously on probation for. This is when the No Valid DL case becomes much more serious. Attorney Moenckmeier is experienced in violations of probations with new law allegations and may also be able to make a deal with the prosecutor that minimizes the impact of both the new no valid drivers license and the violation of probation case.

An important consideration is that, if convicted (adjudicated guilty), you will be forever prohibited from sealing or expunging your criminal record in Florida. Often-times, a client may not be a United States Citizen and is concerned about immigration consequences. They may or may not have a foreign driver’s license which may be a good defense. Often, tourists are arrested for No Valid Drivers License for whatever reason, and they have a valid foreign license that is valid here for a short period of time, but they cannot return for Court dates because it is prohibitively expensive. It may even be cheaper to hire a lawyer to waive the client’s court appearances in this scenario. Also it is a defense to No Valid Drivers License if you have a foreign VALID drivers license.

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The State Attorney has to prove that you were 1) Driving a motor vehicle on a roadway 2) That the officer stopped you in Orange County Florida, and 3) that At the time, [he] [she] did not have a valid driver’s license recognized by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of the State of Florida.

It’s possible that the officer didn’t have a valid reason to stop you. If the stop is close to borderline bad, a motion to suppress will need to be filed. There are numerous bases to challenge the legality of stop, but each set of facts and accusations are specific to the client. Attorney Moenckmeier is experienced in both criminal jury trials and motions to suppress an illegal search and / or seizure. Call him at 407.504.1384 today to speak with him about YOUR case.