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Driving on Suspended License WITH KNOWLEDGE in Orlando – Orange County – Florida


I got pulled over in Orlando and the officer said my license is He says I knew? The officer arrested me or said he could arrest me suspended. and now I have to go to court. What do I do?

Call 407.504.1384 to speak with attorney Heiko Moenckmeier about your pending court case- you may be facing jail time, prison time, probation, a 5 year drivers license revocation, fines, court costs, and increased insurance rates. The initial consultation is free.

Why did my license get suspended?

There are so many different ways a license can become suspended in Orlando including:

  • Habitual Traffic Offender status,
  • Points on Drivers License,
  • Failure to Appear for a Court Case,
  • Failure to Pay Child Support suspensions,
  • Failure to Pay Traffic Tickets Suspension,
  • Failure to Pay Tolls,
  • DUI Suspensions,
  • Suspensions for certain Prostitution and Theft Crimes,
  • Failure to Carry Auto Insurance,
  • And more.

Could I go to jail? Should I get a lawyer?

Yes, you could go to jail- the maximum penalties for driving on a suspended license in Orlando, Florida range from 60 days in jail to 5 years in prison. Probation can be imposed from up to 6 months to 5 years, and fines are from up to $500.00 to $5,000.00.


(you ARE reading this on a lawyer’s website, after all, what did you think I would tell you? I have fixed many other attorneys mistakes, and of course the mistakes of regular every day folks who thought they fixed their issues, but actually screwed themselves over)

As an experienced Orlando suspended license attorney, I have handled at least a thousand criminal suspended license cases, and have the know-how to mitigate your case and even possibly get your drivers license back. The most important step is to try and get the client their driving privilege reinstated. I have helped many people re-obtain their license and navigate the DMV and court system to get them their license back in their hands.

What do you, the lawyer, do to fix my license? What can I do to fix my Florida Drivers License?

Depends on what’s suspending it. If it’s an unpaid tickets suspension, I can attempt to convince the judge that you need a hearing (if you haven’t paid them), depending on when you received the ticket(s). There is typically a minimal cost to you depending on where your ticket(s) is located (what county), as the late fee for every ticket is $23.00. This must be paid in advance.

If it’s a points suspension then I would petition to the Judge by motion that you didn’t know you could request a hearing, and didn’t know that by paying the tickets, it would suspend your license. This scenario is most common, as most people do not consult an attorney prior to paying their unpaid tickets, and then they come to me with a Department of Motor Vehicles revocation letter in their hand and want me to fix it!

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles sent me a letter saying my license will be revoked- I just paid a bunch of tickets and got my license back- WTF?

If you have received an Habitual Traffic Offender – HTO Revocation Letter then you must act immediately and call my office now at 407.504.1384. Have your driver’s license number handy, and your letter. After researching your particular issue, I will be able to tell you fairly quickly what steps we need to take to minimize or eliminate your Habitual Traffic Offender status. The sooner all the motions are filed, the better the chances are that the revocation will not go into effect, but don’t dilly dally, the typical letter is sent out approximately two weeks prior to revocation setting in.

I have a child support suspension, what can I do?

If it’s an unpaid child support license suspension, this requires much more effort as there are multiple players involved, including the Judge, the mother of the children, and the Florida Department of Revenue attorneys. Please bring a copy of your child support obligations which are obtainable in the Clerk of Court office, 3rd floor, domestic relations in Orlando at the 425 N. Orange Ave. location. You can also attempt to set up a payment plan with the Department of Revenue, but oftentimes, your issues run far deeper, as you may have had a change of circumstances involving a reduced income, or some sort of work injury that the Department of Revenue has not accepted yet as a valid reason for non-payment or reduced payments of child support.

I have a failure to appear d-6 suspension in Orlando, what can I do?

If you have a Failure to Appear for a Court Case (mostly criminal cases), it is important to figure out whether a warrant is attached to that particular case also. Oftentimes if a person fails to appear for arraignment or some other court date, a warrant and license suspension is issued at that time. If that is the case with your suspension, I would need to be hired for that case as well, and do a motion to set aside the warrant and/or the license suspension, and receive a new court date for you, then litigate that case to the end.

Attorney Heiko Moenckmeier is a criminal defense, suspended license, family law, and personal injury attorney located in Orlando, Florida with offices in Orlando and Sanford/Lake Mary.