Uncontested Divorce

Orlando, Florida Uncontested Divorce by Orlando Family Lawyer Heiko Moenckmeier

A true uncontested divorce will, in fact, save you time and money. If you are fortunate enough to get along reasonably with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may want to consider attempting an uncontested divorce. Advantages are reduced stress levels, lower attorney fees, and your divorce can be accomplished much quicker than a contested divorce.

Florida Uncontested Divorce is not at all what people seem to think it is. I often receive a phone call saying that they have an uncontested divorce, they just don’t agree on who should get the kids, or who should get the house. These situations are called CONTESTED divorce, or more properly, a contested dissolution of marriage.

Actual uncontested divorce means EVERY SINGLE THING is accounted for: property divided, retirement accounts allocated, any alimony issue- waived or awarded, all documents filled out by BOTH parties, and then I, the attorney, draws that up into a very nice document (called a marital settlement agreement) that both parties then sign. (see checklist below). If there are Children involved, a Parenting Plan must also be agreed to.

Unfortunately, it only takes one party to disagree with one tiny aspect of a prospective marital settlement agreement in order to make the divorce contested.

The client and I can attempt a ‘koombaya’ divorce, but often times, the other side is distrustful, especially when they are unrepresented, and this effort may be a waste of time and money. A true uncontested divorce will be when both parties are available and get along ok with each other and agree on EVERY LITTLE THING.

If you feel you are ready to accomplish an uncontested divorce, please call Orlando attorney Heiko Moenckmeier at 407.504.1384 now.

*Koombaya divorce (INSERT HYPERLINK) is when I draft a proposed marital settlement agreement and accompanying paperwork, and ask them to sign it. Other methods of koombaya divorce include an informal office sit-down with the opposing party and their attorney (or if they are un-represented, just themselves. In this fashion, oftentimes, an agreement can be reached, saving months and months of hand-wringing and wasting of time with needless motions.

Pleadings Checklist Complete? Signed / Notarized?
Civil Cover Sheet
NOA & Email (if represented by counsel)
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Acceptance of Service
Notice of Confidential Info
Notice of Social Security No.
Financial Affidavit
Copy of driver’s license
Marital Settlement Agreement
Answer & Waiver by Respondent
Filing Fee
UCCJEA (if any minor children of the parties)