WARRANTS – also called capiases or writs of attachment

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Types of Warrants:

  • New Law Warrant- when there has been an investigation by law enforcement and a Judge signs off for law enforcement to arrest someone.
  • VOP Warrant- when there is reason to believe a probationer has committed a violation of probation
  • Failure to Appear Warrant- issued when someone missed court.

Options for resolving a warrant:

  • The Walkthrough. (theoretically, you and your lawyer have agreed on this tactic). A walkthrough is coordinated with the bondsman of your choice, and typically results in pre-paying the bond, and the bondsman bringing the Defendant to the jail. Best for if you already have a bond on the warrant, and have spoken with an attorney and a bondsman.
  • Motion to Quash the Warrant. This has several advantages: 1) the Judge may withdraw the warrant completely if there was a mixup, and your fault was minimal. 2) Your attorney may be able to broker a deal for you prior to you having to go in to the court hearing for the Judge to decide whether or not to set the warrant aside.
  • Turning yourself in, and either paying a bondsman, or paying your bond in cash. (now its a money order, as the jails in Central Florida do not typically accept cash anymore). Again, this is only if you have a bond.


The Judge often issues a ‘No Bond’ Warrant, either if you failed to appear for a court date for a pending criminal case, or if there has been an alleged Violation of Probation.

If your warrant is a No Bond warrant, then the Judge who issued the warrant itself must make the decision on whether or not to grant a bond. This means that the First Appearance Judge has no jurisdiction to make an appearance. This requires a Bond Motion, and is typically required in order to give the State notice so they can choose to fight it, or to agree to give you a bond.

If the person is already in jail, the family can help pay for the attorney and then the attorney can file a Motion for Bond. Most times the Judge will set a hearing within a reasonable time frame, and then the attorney and Defendant argue that they should be released. If it is a violation of probation, oftentimes a deal can be negotiated to allow the probationer to Admit the violation and resolve. Other times, that is not a realistic scenario as the Defendant is facing prison time.

If the case is a new law case, and the person wants to resolve that at the Bond Hearing, that will typically allow for a release at that particular time. Again, the circumstances and accusations will dictate whether this is a reasonable option or not.

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